From March 10, 2030 10:00 until March 17, 2030 14:00

COST:$16.69 in 2018, rego doubles every year.

  • 2015 Rego $2.69
  • 2016 Rego $4.69
  • 2017 Rego $8.69
  • 2018 Rego $16.69
  • 2019 Rego $32.69
  • 2020 Rego $64.69
  • 2021 Rego $128.69
  • 2022 Rego $256.69
  • 2023 Rego $512.69
  • 2024 Rego $1,024.69
  • 2025 Rego $2,048.69
  • 2026 Rego $4,096.69
  • 2027 Rego $8,192.69
  • 2028 Rego $16,384.69
  • 2029 Rego $32,768.69
  • 2030 Rego $65,536.69 — Hashing on the moon!

WHERE:The Fucking Moon

WHAT YOU GET:We choose to hash on the moon, we choose hash on the moon in debauchery and do drink beer, not because she is easy, but because us wankers are hard, because the hare will serve to lay our trail and provide gravity beer stops to measure the best of our energies and hashing skills, because that challenge is one we are willing conquer and one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we will stand in circle call violations and uphold traditions (and shirts) … Drink it down down down… Down down down …… Ohhh why are waiting could be master-bating…. Speech written by JFK & Rodney Manney


  • Space food
  • Beer
  • unlimited third breasted harriettes
  • Beer
  • Astronaut ice cream in a variety of flavors to include beer, vagina, and poop
  • Beer
  • Alien slime wrestling
  • Beer
  • bowling ball beer pong (1/6 gravity up there)
  • Beer
  • roomy crater space accommodations
  • Beer
  • Oxygen bar
  • Beer
  • Sex in zero g’s (sex partner not provided)

Are we really hashing on the moon? Yes we are, but you have to provide your own transportation to/from the event. Oh and I heard that semen gets confused in space and swims the wrong way so no condoms needed on this campout.

This whole concept started as a joke because of many hash camp outs were opening rego at the same time and all offered some sort of discount rego for those who rego right away. Donkey Fluffer decided to be a smart ass and create a “hash on the moon event”. People were being smart asses right back and paid the $2 rego. Confused (it’s not hard), Donkey decided to give all money to Make-A-Wish Foundation, which is his favorite charity.

Next thing you know the Facebook group has 5,000+ members and we’ve raised  $36,000+ since March 19, 2015. To keep momentum going we are also selling patches and other habadashery- all profits will also go to Make-A-Wish.

We have a HashRego page set up so that when you donate, you are put on the list!

Make-A-Wish Link to donate directly:

If you want to go to the moon, you need to Rego through LunarH3 as well.

If you have questions, join the Facebook Group.


STILL HAVE QUESTIONS?: Contact Lunar H3 at

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